The Zeigler Finfish Trout program provides several trout feed options to meet the needs of today’s diverse production operations. Whether you are producing stocker fish for the sportfish industry or fillets for the food service industry, Zeigler has the right product to help farmers achieve their goals.

Trout Hi-Performance is feed is designed with the food-fish producer in mind where oxygen and water conditions support fast growth. This diet utilizes highly digestible marine, animal, and plant-based ingredients to optimize performance and minimize waste. Zeigler stringently formulates to ideal phosphorus levels to assist with EPA discharge compliance.

Trout Grower is a diet developed for warmer water conditions. Varying water temperature is the most impactful environmental parameter on your production. With a lower protein to energy ratio, this diet helps to maintain feed consumption and growth without overtaxing the limited oxygen during periods of elevated water temperature.

Sportfish is specifically formulated for stocking of fish for recreational purposes. With added vitamins, minerals, and pigments to promote skin quality and fin development, this diet is the perfect choice to promote healthy, active fish for any sports club.

Zeigler Starter & Fingerling feeds have been the industry standard for many years. Today, all our Starter feeds contain Vpak, an all-natural immunostimulant that supports juvenile development and promotes higher survivals in stressful culture conditions.

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