The Zeigler Finfish Tilapia program is designed to provide the optimal formulation for the intensity level of your culture system.

Tilapia, once considered a low-quality inexpensive fish has climbed the ranks and now is surpassed only by Atlantic salmon in grocery store sales. Tilapia is characterized by a white, firm textured fillet with a delicate flavor that readily takes on a chef’s inspiration.

Zeigler offers a complete selection of Tilapia feeds, from starter to broodstock diets. The growout feeds are available in three nutrient densities, Tilapia 40-10, Tilapia 36-6, and Tilapia 32-3, to best fit super intensive RAS systems to lower intensity pond environments.

Zeigler Starter & Fingerling feeds have been the industry standard for many years. Today, all our Starter feeds contain Vpak, an all-natural immunostimulant that supports juvenile development and promotes higher survivals in stressful culture conditions.

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