The Zeigler Finfish Marine program is culmination of a decade of research. Where once there were generalized marine feeds, today there are several species-specific offerings.

Our Sea Bass & Sea Bream diets are formulated to provide superior performance in cage culture or recirculating systems. Today’s greater knowledge of nutrient requirements and system advancements allow for better animal performance while accounting for system specific needs such as water quality and sink rate.

Barramundi culture is one of the fastest growing marine aquaculture sectors. Barramundi are grown around the globe in systems ranging from traditional cages to high-tech recirculating systems. Zeigler Barramundi feeds are designed for these specific conditions.

Yellowtail are often cultured for the sushi / sashimi market. This requires impeccable flesh quality. Zeigler Yellowtail diets are formulated to result in high animal performance and muscle quality characteristics.

Don’t see your species listed? We still have our traditional Marine Grower diet. This diet still contains a high level of marine protein and oil allowing it to be fed to a variety of marine species and yielding high animal performance. Zeigler Marine Grower is a good choice for wild-capture broodstock or species with few known nutrient requirements.

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