The Zeigler Finfish Bass program is designed with the pond producer in mind. Zeigler Technology has developed a line of highly digestible diets that yield high performance while helping maintain the strict water quality standards required to keep Bass species healthy.

Bass Hi-Performance is formulated specifically for Hybrid Striped Bass raised in intensive systems. The highly digestible, nutrient dense formula allows the farmer to maintain growth and health by adjusting feeding rate based on varying culture conditions such as elevated water temperature.

Finfish Silver is an economical option that will deliver high animal performance in less intensive culture systems.


Finfish Platinum supports Largemouth Bass production. The diet is formulated with high-quality marine proteins and oils to provide highly digestible nutrition for Largemouth Bass. Zeigler Starter & Fingerling feeds have been the industry standard for many years. Today, all our Starter feeds contain Vpak, an all-natural immunostimulant that supports juvenile development and promotes higher survivals in stressful culture conditions.

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