ZeiglerĀ® Tropical Pond Feeds come in two versions, 33% protein and 45% protein and now contain 50% more animal protein to meet the needs of todays tropical fish farms. These meals still exhibit the same great floating characteristics of our previous products and are formulated to be complete feeds. The 33% Tropical Pond Feed is recommended for moderate and low stocking densities and omnivorous or herbivorous species such as Koi. The 45% Tropical Pond Feed is recommended for intensive pond and tank systems or carnivorous species such as Tetras, Silver Dollars and Barbs.

Particle Sizes




  • 44 lb (20 Kg) Poly lined paper bags

Features & Benefits

  • Contain high levels of fishmeal and fish oil to increase palatability and growth
  • Contains highly digestible ingredients like fish and poultry meals to reduce waste.
  • Balanced nutrition including complete vitamin and mineral supplementation for proper development and pigmentation.


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