Zeigler® Aqua Stab-L is a special application diet formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of many varieties of marine, ornamental and other warm water aquatic species. The large diameter (3/8”) pellets have excellent water stability and form a soft doughy consistency after 24 hours in the water.

Particle Sizes

3/8" pellet Sinking



  • 44 lb 3-ply paper bag 

Features & Benefits

  • Maximize growth in species that do not utilize fat to spare protein.
  • Maximize growth and reduced visceral fat deposition.
  • Low carbohydrate level.
  • Ingredient selection based on true finfish digestibility testing.
  • Balanced amino acid profile.
  • Phosphorus levels below 1.2%.
  • Meets FDA requirements regarding restrictions on mammalian protein sources.


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