Nutrimar - Mexico (shrimp feeds)
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Belenes - Mexico (fish feeds)
Tel: (52) 33-3633-0277 / 2043 / 7745  


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About Us

Founded in 1935 by brothers Ty and Leroy Zeigler, the company originated as a local producer of poultry and livestock feeds. In 1967, Dr. Thomas Zeigler (son of Leroy) assumed leadership as President and changed the strategic direction from commodity feeds to emphasis on research and development of specialty animal and aquatic diets.

Today, as Zeigler® embarks on its 3rd generation of leadership, the company continues to develop new and innovative technologies for specialty markets. Utilizing core competencies in R&D, nutritional formulation, and process engineering, Zeigler® currently manufactures over 300 products and exports to over 50 countries around the world.

Zeigler® has two manufacturing facilities located in south-central Pennsylvania and two franchises located in Mexico. Both U.S. facilities utilize ISO-9001:2008 quality guidelines.  For more information regarding our company and capabilities, please contact us.

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